Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Big Holler For Holler Fest!

We went to something called "Hollerfest" at Frog Holler Farm in Brooklyn, Michigan on Saturday. This organic produce farm has been owned by the King family for 30 years. I believe there are over 100 acres of pure simple bliss. Their three boys, who are now in their 20s - 30s, were born and schooled there.

The weather was miserably hot and humid, but the atmosphere was amazingly cool and inviting.

We went on a nature trail hike hosted by one of our friends, who did a fantastic job of identifying native plants and trees and also educating us about the importance of restoration. I got my first taste of tofu for lunch...yes, a virgin tofuer I was. I have to say it was absolutely tasty. They marinated and grilled it and put it on an organic sandwich along with fresh hummus, tomato and greens from the garden. It smelled so incredible, I just had to try it. They also had this beautiful pasta salad and coleslaw. They had an infusion "sun tea" made of rosemary and mint. Technically this would be called a "tisane". Tea is made with tea. An infusion drink made with herbs is called a tisane.

Now, I would be remiss not to mention the fantastic music being played by stellar bands all day on a rustic outdoor stage with professional sound located in a bowl-like area that looks to have been carved out by God himself. Bands including Dick Siegel, Raisin Pickers, Joe Reilly, The Mutual Kumquats, and Billy King, and so many more. Keegan (our 7 year old) thoroughly enjoyed Joe Reilly. I have to say that Jody and I did as well. He sang about the environment, earth, and even Michigan!! We were getting ready to leave that evening when the Mutual Kumquats came on stage. We stayed to listen to them. Their harmonic voices were incredibly tight, and that mandolin picking was amazing.

At the end of the evening we were incredibly satisfied with the day. And the kids? Well, Conner (our 13 year old) was not sure what to expect from the "hippie convention" as he laughingly referred to it before we even got there, but I think he sort of enjoyed himself. For a day of no TV, video games or skateboarding, he did very well. :) I did pack plenty of yummy snacks for him though, which can keep him happy for quite some time. Oh, and they did serve organic pizza. Fortunately, they had the plain cheese variety. I was a little worried reading the different toppings like arugula and potatoes, but phew! Plain cheese saved the day! Keegan had the girls chasing after him with glow sticks, played games like, "dumping each other out of the hammock". He pretended not to enjoy the attention from the girls, but to no avail. I think he wanted to stay there forever.

Our horizons were broadened just a little yesterday, and I learned an appreciation for some new things. Life is so good and doesn't have to be complicated.

Until next time,


Friday, August 22, 2008

NaKee' Natural Launches New Website!!

It is here folks. Our brand new website is here! Your source for natural soaps and skincare made with natural, organic, unrefined materials! Go to to see it!!!! Let us know what you think.

We are still in the process of updating products, descriptions, pictures, and setting up discounts and point systems. It will be a very long process, but the site is live, and is accepting orders. Please bear with us as we continue to update.

If you are a current customer of the old site, you can use your same log-in information. That all transferred over to the new site. Remember to go into your account and change your membership to "Patron" so you can receive the discounts and points when all of that is in place.

Since I also teach Kindermusik here in Jackson, Michigan, there is a link to register for classes on the site as well.

We are so excited we just had to share.

Until next time,

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Favorite Health Food - Flaxseed

Who knew such nutrition could be packed into a seed!

We have used flaxseed for some time in our protein drinks for after a workout. I read the label, and knew it was nutritious and would add goodness to my shake. Until I read the ENTIRE label and then researched it on the internet, little did I know about this little linseed gem.

I know I need more Omega 3's. I don't care for fish, and hate taking supplements. I also know I could use more fiber in my diet as well, and I don't want to spend the money on benefiber. Flaxseed has all this and much more as I will explain.

Fiber Provider/Cholesterol Checker: Just 2 Tablespoons a day will supply amazing nutrition! In these 2 Tablespoons contain as much fiber as 1 1/2 cups of oatmeal...good for your heart! LDL cholesterol drops, and HDL stays put. Not to mention the unmentionable problem - irregularity.
Cancer Fighter: Lignans are natural antioxidants and also a member of phytoestrogens, which maintains breast and colon health by binding estrogens that may promote unchecked cell growth.

Mega Omega 3 Supplier: Flaxseed has the richest source of fatty acids and lignans, which are potent cancer fighters. Alpha-linolenic acid is the plant version of omega 3's.The oil in flaxseed contains about 50% linolenic acid. Canola and walnut oils are the next highest, but at a weary 10%! One serving contains 2400 mg of omega 3's.

Immunity Improver: The alpha-linolenic acid and the lignans also decreases inflammation and promotes a healthy immune system which may be helpful for auto-immune and inflammatory disorders.

Hormone Helper: Lignans naturally regulate menstrual cycles, help manage menopause and lower the risk of osteoporosis.

Weight Controller: There is research that also indicates flaxseed helps manage weight by managing blood sugar levels and adding bulk, creating a more "full feeling" at meals.

Food Enhancer: Yes, it tastes good. It has a nutty flavor that can be used in shakes, oatmeal, cereal, and in baked goods. Ground flaxseed can be substituted for shortening or cooking oil in baked goods! It can also replace butter or margarine in a recipe. Oh, and it is gluten-free too.
So there you have it. I will be using this gem every day from here on out. So many reasons to use it!! Be sure to get the "ground" flaxseed unless you want to grind it yourself. Also, the flaxseed is much better than the oil. You get more benefits. I will be looking for an organic source and compare the prices. When you open the package, remember to put it in a bag and into the refrigerator.

Happy Flaxing!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Summer Time

Summer is still here. I see all signs of back-to-school, but we still have about 4 weeks yet before school starts back up!Don't let the commercial ads fool you. There is still time to enjoy all of the aspects of the summer in full force. Since I work my schedule around my children, I am with them mostly 24/7 during the summer.

I teach one Kindermusik class for 6 weeks during the summer months, and have been working on text and ideas for the new website and continue to learn more about business and formulating . Other than that, summer has allowed me to spend more time with the kids. I do love it, but I think they are starting to get a little bored!

I have started the process of re-stocking soaps, and will soon get the fall soaps made. I have re-evaluated some of the products, and have also been deciding on whether to add new products to our line. I am leaning toward a few new soaps for fall and holiday season, but have steered away from putting new products in the line. I have researched and created some wonderful new facial products, but have decided that we need to wait awhile longer to introduce them.

I am looking forward to show season and getting to know new people, and continuing to get to know my current customers.

Until Next Time,