Wednesday, June 30, 2010

NaKee’ Natural Spa@Home Party

Share Your Discovery

Share the NaKee’ Natural experience with your friends and family. After experiencing what NaKee’ Natural has to offer them, they’ll thank you for introducing them to a healthy and natural beauty

Spa Party Theme – Local and Natural! Local products/Local practitioners!
We can take your party to the next level. We know some wonderful practitioners licensed in massage therapy, reflexology, pedicures/manicures/facials. They will use our products to give your guests a truly luxurious spa experience in your home! You choose the experience! Small fee involved for participating guests, and/or we can even use host credit for the experience if you prefer. We will educate and spoil your guests in natural luxury.
Earn Free Stuff, just for having fun -

Not only will you have fun hosting, you’ll also receive free products based on the outcome of your experience. Fun times and free products will be well worth the time it takes to send out a few invitations and plan your party! Don’t want to prepare your house and/or dirty your kitchen? We have access to a local salon/spa, and we can have your party there! Just let us know!

Online/Book Parties -
Online/Book parties are as easy as setting up a time period of 2-3 weeks, sending out emails/postcards to your friends, having them order online and putting your show code in the customer comment box at check-out. If they order $50 Or more, their shipping is free. I will send them a refund of their shipping cost. Every order gets a free sample included. A minimum of $200 In total orders is required to get your host credit for products.

Book parties include a catalog to share; order sheets; testers and sniffies of products(to be returned when show is completed). You take your customer’s orders or direct them to our website to place their order if they are not local. They put in your show code in the customer comment box at check-out. Shipping info is above. If you are local, you may pick up your order at my home to deliver to your guests to avoid shipping costs for your customers.

In addition to the free products, you receive 50% off a qualifying item and receive a free gift when your party is over $200.00

Party Sales Host Credit Your Benefit Half Off Items
$150-700. 15% Up to $105. 1
$701+ 20% Can be $200 + 2

For every $100 In sales over $500. Add $10 credit

For every booking from your party, you’ll experience 1 item at ½ price.
(minimum party orders totaling $200.00 to qualify)

Interested in selling NaKee’ Natural products?
Become a NaKee’ Natural Sales Representative and earn cash based on sales.
ONLY inquire if you have a love for our products and for people. We need passionate, outgoing individuals to share our natural, yummy stuff!
Contact Candy at

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yucky Jello

Need something different to take to that potluck this summer? How 'bout some yucky jello? It only looks yucky, but is actually a refreshingly different dessert! This is a recipe I got from a family member many years ago. I don't make it very often mostly because I forget about it, but whenever I do make it, I wonder why I haven't done so more often.

Yucky Jello
6 oz. Lemon Jello
2 c. Boiling Water
1 c. Cold Water
Dissolve jello and let jello set up about half way, then add:
2 c. Applesauce
5 Peaches cut up
2 c. Blueberries

Friday, June 04, 2010

Our First Farmer's Market!--Ann Arbor Westside Farmer's Market

I have never participated in a farmer's market, so I have been pretty excited about this for awhile now. I had heard about this market, and inquired about it, thinking that it was probably just for producers of food. I was told that the market was full last year, but to fill out an application and see what happens. I got in, and I have been anticipating this first day for the last couple months.

I realized that this would be a much different venue than the regular seasonal shows that I participate in. Being a weekly 'gig', I decided to change up my set-up just a bit so that I don't have to haul my nice big, heavy sign and shelving that I normally would. I scaled down my booth a bit, and am still working on how I want it. It is not as 'elaborate' as at a show, and I am trying to make it easier to haul and set-up, but still complement our products.

I made a list of things I need to bring for next week like clamps and clothespins; and to get my tent weights made. The small amount of wind we had yesterday was enough to make me hold onto the tent poles a few times. My neighbors said that the area there is like a wind tunnel, and last year there were some tents that flew off into the street....ouch! These tents are not cheap, so I will get my weights made to bring next week for sure.

I have been getting ideas about special things I can do at the market, like bring water, basins, and towels and have some scrub and soap demos. Sounds like fun! I am also thinking of having weekly specials on the product I will be demonstrating. So many possibilities.

The market will definitely be a little different than I am accustomed to. I will be setting up a tent with display and tearing it down after four hours every single week. I also understand the sales will typically be lower than a 'show' type event where there are several hundred people who go through in one day. BUT the possibilities of connections and people I will meet over the next several weeks is so exciting.

I also get to be with some very nice farmers and other vendors. I will probably end up doing a large part of my grocery shopping up here too. There is so much offered: greens, veggies, grass fed beef, free-range eggs, flowers, honey, bread, cheese from Zingerman's creamery, and sweets! Neat people and neat stuff!

All in all, this was a good day, and I am looking forward to the next 14 weeks! How about you? Will you be going to any farmer's markets this year? Which ones, and what do you like best about them?

It's all in the journey,