Monday, November 27, 2006

Craft Shows


We have been busy here at NaKee', aka our kitchen!!!

We did a craft show this past weekend and it went pretty well. We spruced up the booth and have been busy making, labeling and packaging products!

There is a craft show this coming weekend at the Huron High School in Ann Arbor from 9am-4pm. I hope it goes well! Come out and see us! You will be able to see, touch, and smell the stuff.

There is a new soap that will be ready by this weekend....Citrus Balsam. It is very much like a Della Robbia Wreath with the oranges on the evergreen...lovely!

If you are planning on placing an order for Christmas, please do so very soon. There is no time now to make more soap before with the cure time required.

After the Christmas rush, we will get busy on testing more scents and formulating new products.

Until next time ,

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Soap For Hope is here and Christmas is coming too!!!

Hello There!

I am not sure if anyone actually reads these. If you do, will you please leave a comment??? Thank you!

We have so much that is new and exciting. The Soap For Hope is an exciting adventure for sure. I am hoping this program will raise lots of money to help fund research on curing childhood cancers. Please see the link to find out about CureSearch, which is the organization this soap is benefiting. Oh, and the bar is fantastic! It is a layered bar of dark chocolate truffle and exotic Cuban coffee beans topped with a touch of dripping vanilla sweetness.

Exotic Facial Masques! Oooo Wheee! These are great! Please check them out. The ingredients are all natural and also some ingredients are organic as well. These come in a dry powdered form so that we can avoid using any harmful preservatives. You can just mix it up with water as you need it.

Soy Aroma Melts! These will super scent your home for hours. These are made with natural soy wax. No harmful petroleum products like those in paraffin wax. Best of all, they come in a bar with 6 sections you can break off and use as you wish. These go in a tart warmer, either powered by electricity or a little tea lite. The next day you just scrape out the wax and use another. You can even blend your own custom fragrances by mixing and matching. Oh, the possibilities.

Fall and Christmas Scents! We have a variety for the season. With Ginger Twist and Autumn Earth for fall, and Caramel Taffy Apple too. We have Epiphany, Winter Berry, Apples&Evergreen, Candy Cane, and more.

Spa Bars! To go along with the exotic facial masques or great by themselves, I am adding some spa bars to the line. Curing right now is a Dead Sea Mud Detox Bar, and also in the works is a Pink Aloe Spa Bar. Sound intriguing? Go check them out!!!!

Craft Show! We will be at the Jackson Catholic Middle School on November 11 from 10 am to 4 pm. Come get up close and personal with our luscious line of stuff!

Here's hoping you have a great holiday season!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Fall Scents

Hello There!

I have no idea if anyone is even reading this blog. If there IS anyone out there, could you shoot me an email to let me know?!?

I ordered some fragrance oils that I have decided on for fall. I have yet to decide what kind of coloring, swirling, etc. I will do with them. Here are some we will have: apple pie, pumpkin pie, spiced plum, autumn earth, somali rose, eucalyptus spearmint, ginger twist, and for the Soap For Hope... (drum roll please!)... I will be doing a layered chocolate vanilla soap. It should be so yummy! I will have three layers of dark, medium, and light browns. Be thinking of a name for this soap. I will be having a contest to name this soap. When I make the soap, I will put pictures up, and we will have you come up with names and we will choose the best one that fits the soap for free stuff!!

Until next time, I will be busy soaping...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What does BLOOD have to do with SOAP?

Usually no connection whatsoever, but this soaper has great interest in blood.

Please donate blood....pretty please! There is a shortage right now in Michigan, and I am sure in other places as well. My son would not be here with us today without blood products. He has benefited from every blood product including red blood, platelets, and plasma. If you live in my town, The First Church of Christ is having a blood drive tomorrow! Thank you and God bless you for donating!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Soap, Soap, and more Soap! I love SOAP!

Here is a picture of some of my soap.

I am still waiting to hear back from the web guy and anxious to get the website finished, which BTW is at!! The sweet little boy on the landing page is my youngest, Keegan. His name is part of the NaKee' name. If you are interested in the complete story and origin of the name, go to the website and read up on it!

So, we have been trying to get some stock made and anticipating tons of sales when the website is finished :) We have also been testing some new scents, so that we can have some great seasonal and holiday scents. In the last couple days I have test-made 16 new scents. I do not put any coloring in the test batches so that I will know how the fragrance colors the soap. When an oil has any real vanilla in it, it will darken the soap naturally. Here are the scents in the testing stages:

These were made on July 24. They need 3-4 weeks to cure, but here is what I have observed so far.
Pumpkin Pie-It is a very nice spicy food scent. The color already is a dark brown.
Apple Pie-Nice spicy scent with a hint of pastry. Tan in color so far.
Chai-Has a delicate spice scent. Not sure if it will be a lasting scent, but it is nice so far. Light tan in color.
Eucalyptus Spearmint-I liked the scent when it was first made, but now it is starting to fade. I hope it comes back because it is a clean, fresh scent that is quite attractive. Very light color.
Chocolate Mousse-Dark brown in color. I didn't like the scent at first, but it is growing on me, we'll see.
Plum Spice-Not bad, but I would like more of a cinnamon spice in with it. It is too fruity so far. Tan in color.
Somali Rose-This rose is not too rosey. I hate that (pardon me here) elderly lady rose toiletry scent if you know what I mean. I like it so far. It is a light tan.
Woodland Pear-A nice tart but sweet pear fragrance with a touch of woodsy scent. Nice. Dark Tan in color.

Today(29th) I made more test batches, but won't know much about them for a few days.
French Vanilla-Already pretty dark. Not sure of the scent yet.
Dark Chocolate-It is light in color so far. Chocolately scent.
Spiced Plum-Different company. I think I will like this one better. I hope it has the right components for a nice fall/winter scent.
Witches Brew-So far it has an earthy spicey scent. Sort of like a spicy patchoulli.
Gingseng & Ginger-This scent could be a winner! We will see. I so hope this turns out how I think it will. If it does, I have a feeling I won't be able to keep it on the shelves!
Vanilla Lace-A sophisticated vanilla. It has lost some of its scent so far, so hopefully it will be nice.
Black Raspberry Vanilla-Creamy fruity scent.
Chocolate Nut Brownie-So far just smells like chocolate, but how can you go wrong with that?!

Until Next Time!

Friday, July 28, 2006

NaKee' Website Will Be Up And Running Soon

The NaKee' Natural website is getting closer to being finished. We are very excited to have it up and ready to take orders soon!