Friday, July 13, 2007

Summer Is Here!


It has been some time since I updated this blog. I am so sorry about that. There have been many new things in the works, and new things on the horizon as well. I love summer, and the sometimes lazy days that come with it. With school out, I feel like I have so much more time! I have only one - 6 week music class for kids with special needs to do the whole summer. My new semester doesn't start until fall. I love teaching music and look forward to it, but also need the break. My kids don't have a whole lot going on in the summer, and I love it! When fall starts I know everything will be super busy again with Kindermusik, art and craft shows, and the kids' activities that go along with school. I have been making a lot of skincare products and working on a lot of things with NaKee', but I can do it more at my own pace during the summer months. I can take time to test, experiment, and perfect the products. I also feel like I have time to "reconnect" with my children too. For my own children, I have always taken on the attitude that kids need down time, they need summer to recharge. They have their activities, but not too many. I don't think kids "play" enough, and they need to be bored once in awhile. It is inevitable that the school year will bring much busyness and responsibilities. I think balance is key.

On to NaKee'! It has been over a year now that we have been in business officially, and I am very happy with the developments of the company. We have been wanting to branch into the wholesale market and are very happy to have landed our first wholesale account with a floral and gift shop in Stockbridge. We are hoping the products sell well there, and that we can establish a long time relationship with them. There are a couple more possibilities here in Jackson, and we are getting ready to mail some letters to potential wholesale clients. We want to get the word out about NaKee'. We know how wonderful our products are and want to share them with everyone! We know there are several companies out there just like ours, but we are confident in the products, and we know the care that goes into developing and manufacturing them.

We have our first products in our Wee NaKee' line, and our Team NaKee' lines. We have the Twinkle soap(pictured above) and our Healing Sport Soap. We plan to expand these lines with moisturizers, powders, etc.

We are also working on some neat ideas for Soap For Hope. We plan to keep the cafe' mocha scent, but to also add to that some other chocolate mixes and have 4 scents to choose from at a time. We will be giving to CureSearch again because the government has cut funding for cancer research, and the first to go will be children's cancer research, especiallly the more rare cancers. At a time when we are on the horizon of breakthroughs, they are cutting funding. Very sad! We need to keep advocating for the population that cannot speak for themselves...our children, our future. I am forever grateful for the research that has taken place in the past. My son would not be here today if it weren't for that research. We need to keep it going because children are still suffering and dying because of the awful beast of cancer. Our son has a projected end of treatment date of December 20 of this year. We are hoping and praying this will be the end of it and he can go on with his life!

Even though we want the summer to last, we are excited and getting prepared for the fall and holiday season testing new scents and bringing back some of last year's popular holiday fragrances. We are planning to bring back Autumn Earth, Ginger Twist, Epiphany, Spiced Plum, Caramel Taffy Apple and Citrus Balsam.

Enjoy your summer. Beauty is all around us in nature and our family and friends.