Sunday, August 13, 2006

Fall Scents

Hello There!

I have no idea if anyone is even reading this blog. If there IS anyone out there, could you shoot me an email to let me know?!?

I ordered some fragrance oils that I have decided on for fall. I have yet to decide what kind of coloring, swirling, etc. I will do with them. Here are some we will have: apple pie, pumpkin pie, spiced plum, autumn earth, somali rose, eucalyptus spearmint, ginger twist, and for the Soap For Hope... (drum roll please!)... I will be doing a layered chocolate vanilla soap. It should be so yummy! I will have three layers of dark, medium, and light browns. Be thinking of a name for this soap. I will be having a contest to name this soap. When I make the soap, I will put pictures up, and we will have you come up with names and we will choose the best one that fits the soap for free stuff!!

Until next time, I will be busy soaping...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What does BLOOD have to do with SOAP?

Usually no connection whatsoever, but this soaper has great interest in blood.

Please donate blood....pretty please! There is a shortage right now in Michigan, and I am sure in other places as well. My son would not be here with us today without blood products. He has benefited from every blood product including red blood, platelets, and plasma. If you live in my town, The First Church of Christ is having a blood drive tomorrow! Thank you and God bless you for donating!