Monday, June 16, 2008

Natural Bath & Body Friends--We're Still Here!!!

Hello Natural Bath & Body Friends!!

We are still here...things have just been busy at home. I have been working on text and pictures for the new website project that will be starting very soon. I am so excited to be able to offer you a more attractive, more user-friendly site that will come with a Patron registration that will allow for discounts, points, etc. to offer you more savings. My summer soaps had to be put on hold to allow for this process. I do plan to make the Margarita Lime soap that some of you have been asking about. I am currently working on getting the materials for full production of the facial serum you have been asking about as well.

I know sometimes it seems like "forever" from the time I talk about products to debut, but it takes a lot of researching and testing before a product is ready. Being a one-woman show for the most part means that I do everything from creative work to technical work. The technical part is definitely not as fun as the creative part of the business, but just as important to the success of this business.

I will update more as the new website and new products come to fruition!