Sunday, May 03, 2009

Living in 3D

Some epiphanies happen as an 'a-ha' moment in time, while others evolve over longer periods. Most of mine happen to come to me while I am running. I believe this is because I slip into a different level of consciousness while I run. I allow my mind to open up and receive what God has for me. Some do this with prayer, meditation, a walk in the woods, or even just sitting on the porch swing looking at the natural world.

I remember one particular run last year when I was longing to become faster. For the four years I have ran consistently now, it has not been important to be fast. I had been completely satisfied with myself for 'just getting 'er done'. I could do it, and had proved I could do it. I realized that just maybe I was slipping into a place of contentment...or was it complacency? My mind went back and forth between, 'Hey, I am out here doing it and that is good enough, as a matter of fact-a lot of people don't even do this!' and 'Candy, up your game girl, don't you want to be better?' It was then that I realized, yes it was ok, and even good to work out at the level I was. But, do I want to be just ok, or do I want to be a little more than ok? This wasn't to say that I needed to train like an elite runner, but to just be a little better...whatever that meant for me.

Quite an amazing thing happened to me as a result of this thinking. I realized that I needed to up my game in all areas of my life as well. Do I want just a mediocre business? Do I want to be satisfied with my limitations in my personal life and relationships? No! For a very long time I have known being balanced and holistic is the way I've wanted to live my life. It seems to have always been one-dimensional though. I struggle with being able to improve on more than one thing at any given time of my life.

My life splits off into three areas: Business, Personal/Family, Physical. It's a Trinity! Body(running), Mind(business), and Spirit(personal/family). Being at the top of my game in all areas is challenging, but when I am able to do this - I have to tell you it is the most incredible experience...It isn't easy, but it can be done. Opening up my mind to acceptance and opening up my heart to accept it with grace is key. Knowing I can change my thoughts, behavior, and yes even my feelings in any given situation. This applies to all three areas of my life. It's a gradual process and never-ending. I may take two steps back after taking three steps forward...but I am still moving forward! I may even fall down...but I can always get back up if I choose to. Evolving towards excellence, not perfection. And who wants perfection anyway? If I were perfect, I would have no goals. The beauty and reward of reaching my goals is in the 'reaching'.

So, I think the 'a-ha' moments are really just the beginning. As exciting and eurphoric as those moments can be, unless we put them into action, they will disperse into the air as useless miniscule particles. Opportunities come and go all the time. We can all think of times in our life when we have let good ones go. What we do with them is what really matters. But sometimes we are just not ready. We can ready ourselves though, accept and put into action ones that are given us, or reject them, satisfied with being 'just ok'. It's our choice. But don't worry, they won't be wasted. Those opportunities will recycle and find people who are willing to put in the hard work it takes to bring them to fruition.

When I do lose out on an opportunity to be a better mom, wife, runner, or even take my business to the next level, I try not lose heart or beat myself up (too much), but rather be open to the next new one to come along and grab it by the horns and enjoy the ride.