Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Soap For Hope is here and Christmas is coming too!!!

Hello There!

I am not sure if anyone actually reads these. If you do, will you please leave a comment??? Thank you!

We have so much that is new and exciting. The Soap For Hope is an exciting adventure for sure. I am hoping this program will raise lots of money to help fund research on curing childhood cancers. Please see the link to find out about CureSearch, which is the organization this soap is benefiting. Oh, and the bar is fantastic! It is a layered bar of dark chocolate truffle and exotic Cuban coffee beans topped with a touch of dripping vanilla sweetness.

Exotic Facial Masques! Oooo Wheee! These are great! Please check them out. The ingredients are all natural and also some ingredients are organic as well. These come in a dry powdered form so that we can avoid using any harmful preservatives. You can just mix it up with water as you need it.

Soy Aroma Melts! These will super scent your home for hours. These are made with natural soy wax. No harmful petroleum products like those in paraffin wax. Best of all, they come in a bar with 6 sections you can break off and use as you wish. These go in a tart warmer, either powered by electricity or a little tea lite. The next day you just scrape out the wax and use another. You can even blend your own custom fragrances by mixing and matching. Oh, the possibilities.

Fall and Christmas Scents! We have a variety for the season. With Ginger Twist and Autumn Earth for fall, and Caramel Taffy Apple too. We have Epiphany, Winter Berry, Apples&Evergreen, Candy Cane, and more.

Spa Bars! To go along with the exotic facial masques or great by themselves, I am adding some spa bars to the line. Curing right now is a Dead Sea Mud Detox Bar, and also in the works is a Pink Aloe Spa Bar. Sound intriguing? Go check them out!!!!

Craft Show! We will be at the Jackson Catholic Middle School on November 11 from 10 am to 4 pm. Come get up close and personal with our luscious line of stuff!

Here's hoping you have a great holiday season!