Wednesday, December 12, 2012
Please sign this petition. It is important for Childhood Cancer Awareness and funding.
Thank you!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I wanted to inform you of our new specials and deep discounts for the rest of the holiday season! Good until December 20. You may combine these discounts, too!!

We have several discounts that will start today. You may NOT use these for orders that have already been processed.

Full Sized Bars: Order 8 in stock full sized bars at the already reduced price of $44.00, which is a savings of $4.00 for the bundle, and receive a FREE full size holiday bar in your order for a total value of $10.00. Be sure to choose "4 bar soap bundle for $22." to get the discount. I will not be able to give you the discount after you have ordered and paid if you order soaps separately. Make sure you put in customer comments at checkout your 8 choices plus code: FULLBARFREE

Half Bar Holiday Pack: Order 2 of our Half Bar Holiday 6 packs and receive 2 half bars FREE!! With this special, you are already getting 2 free bars originally PLUS 2 more free bars. A total of 4 free bars = value of $12.00. Be sure to purchase 2 of the Holiday Half Bar 6 packs and please put this code in the customer comments at checkout: 2HALFBARSFREE. Even if you don't have specific people in mind for these, they are great to have on hand for those times you need a quick gift. You may be invited to a party, or forget someone on your list, like your hairdresser, manicurist, mail carrier, coworker, kids' piano teacher, etc. and any extras can be put in stockings or you may use them yourself, of course!! I have several customers who place these in clothes drawers and underneath the seats in their vehicles for an air freshener! Even if the scent disappears after several months or so, you can use in the shower or bath and the scent will come back when activated with water! You just can't go wrong with these, and I have never offered them this deeply discounted and may not again.

$35+ Orders receive 6oz. to 1/2lb.(nearly 2 bars) of surprise bundle soap FREE! Code at checkout: HALFPOUNDFREE

$75+ Orders receive ONE POUND of surprise bundle soap FREE! Code at checkout: ONEPOUNDFREE

You may use these discounts at the Green Goddess Workshop or any other private events coming up this month, but please print and bring with you.

Have a beautiful holiday season,

Monday, December 03, 2012

I have changed our Soap For Hope Program somewhat, and wanted to share with you what I am doing now. Previously I designated proceeds of sales of a certain soap, Pomegranate Gold, to childhood cancer organizations such as CureSearch. Pome
granate Gold will still be the soap symbolizing the honoring our son, and others who are going through cancer treatment. But I have decided to not base my donations on the sales of that particular soap. I want to donate whether I sell a certain amount of that soap or not. So, I have been donating to a few different organizations this year that I feel are helpful. I will still have CureSearch on my list, but this year so far NaKee' Natural has donated monetarily to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society; University of Michigan(specifically childhood cancer research and Child Life Patient services); donations of products to auction off for various smaller organizations, locally for their fundraising events ; and directly to a local family whose mother is receiving extensive treatment for breast cancer. I love donating to research to find a cure for childhood cancer, but I feel direct donations to families is crucial as well. When a family gets a cancer dx, even with the best medical insurance, there is a big financial need when treatment is long and there are extensive appointments and hospitalizations. Having 'been there', I understand this fully. Anyway, I just wanted to disclose how it is we are 'giving' through our Soap For Hope program.



The fund raiser orders are very close to being completed! These organizations started their sales in October, and I have been making the products and waiting for the soap to cure, and then packaging it up. I will start shipping orders this week, and then start deliveries and pickups starting next week.

These organizations have earned 40% of the sales. There are so many fundraisers going at any particular time in every organization. It does get frustrating, I know, the amount of fundraiser order forms that come home from school constantly. I think, though, that our fundraiser is a fresh change to the every year pies, cookie dough, and wrapping paper that is consistently offered. NaKee' Natural products are unique, practical and perfect for gift-giving.

If you are interested in a NaKee' Natural fundraiser, please send an email.

Have a wonderful week!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Green Goddess Workshops

The last Green Goddess Workshop went so incredibly well, I have decided to have another! Thursday, December 13 at 6:30pm at Art 634 on Mechanic Street in the back room near Cuppa and downstairs from Jackson School of the Arts. The cost is only $15! I am basically just trying to cover costs of rental of room and materials to make it affordable to those who would like to enjoy an evening such as this.

We will have several make & take projects including:

-create your own bath salts again. The first one you make is included in the class, but if you would like to make more for your friends/family for Christmas gifts, you are welcome to do so, and they are $3.50 each for more.

-I will also have 2-4 other activities that will include skin care, teas, and a possible herbal syrup for colds and flu.

-I will have a scrub/buff demo again and a display of NaKee' Natural products available to purchase.

-Angels Around You Salon will be providing chair massage for $1/minute, and also hand massages for donation to JDRF.

-Bring a snack to pass and your own beverage if you would like something other than tea. Hand blended tea is provided and you get to take home your creations along with recipes.

-There are limited spaces available.

Please register and provide payment ahead of time. You man register with a credit card or click on 'pay with check' at checkout and send immediately to 3328 Robinson Rd. Jackson, MI 49203.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Our first Guest Blogger is Angela Steveson. Visit her at Joyously Domestic. Here is her blog bio: My name is Angela. I am a wife to Steve and mother of five (ranging from age five to twenty-two). I am blessed to be a stay-at-home mother and spend my days trying to thrive in all that comes along with that title! Some of my loves are flip-flops, iced tea, shopping, music, creating and being active in my kids' school and activities.

I started my blog mainly focusing on food. So, you'll find lots of recipes on here. But, I've been branching out into sharing some ideas for crafting projects, parties, print projects ... and thoughts and musings on my family life. The blog is a little in the early stages and I welcome any feedback or thoughts on how to make it better ... and I look forward to answering any questions you may have. I welcome feedback from my readers!

Thanks for visiting! Hope you stop back soon!

My Experience with NaKee’ Natural’s Moroccan Mud Glow Bar

I challenge you to check out the list of ingredients on the packaging the next time you go to purchase a skincare product. It may be a lotion, a facial masque, a toner, a body spray, a bar of soap or body wash. Do you recognize all of the ingredients? Better yet, how many items on that ingredient list can you even pronounce?

I think it is a beautiful thing that I can read through the ingredients on a product crafted by NaKee' Natural and not only recognize them, but get excited at the prospect of applying them to my skin. Yes, it is said that beauty comes from the inside and that our bodies outwardly reflect that which we provide them internally. This logic makes sense as to why so many of us these days are turning to more a whole, organic and "real" food diet to feed our bodies. However, we, also, must consider what we apply to our skin as a factor in our overall health and well-being.

I know I want to feel not only comfortable, but, also, confident in the skincare products I am using on both myself and those which I am buying for my family.

Product Review

I began my experience with NaKee' Natural's products using their Moroccan Mud Glow bar. This is a product I was dying to try after simply being able to smell the scent of it through the shipping package prior to even opening it! To begin with and upon first glance, the bar in and of itself is charmingly rustic, yet eloquently beautiful in appearance. (It's definitely ideal for gift-giving!) This perfectly-sized, four-ounce bar is just one of over forty bar blends (including various size options) available on their website.

The first time I used the Moroccan Mud Glow bar was when taking a late-evening shower. I immediately noticed a difference in how it felt on my skin while "lathering" up. It produced a smooth, creamy lather and felt extra luxurious. It gave me a feeling of being pampered and I could immediately tell this was different (in a fabulous way) from my normal bar soap. The experience carried over into my nightly routine of curling up to read before I drift off to sleep as the scents of the bar remained present long after I had showered. Although the scent does "stay with you" long after use of the product, it is not overpowering ... just a lingering, gentle kiss of the patchouli, rosewood and lavender oils that are captured in the blend. The patchouli's earthy, spicy-sweet and sensual scent qualities won me over and were quite relaxing.

What impressed me the most, however, was the level of hydration I felt had been brought to my skin through using this product! Instead of stripping away the natural oils on my skin like other traditional bars of soap, my skin had a satisfying and surprising level of moisture to it without at all feeling greasy! By day two of using this product, I had already discovered that I needed to use less lotion post-shower because my skin didn't feel as dry as it did with my normal bar soap. It was as if my skin was whispering to me "thank you, this is what I have been craving!" I’ve been using the bar for a week now and, honestly, cannot imagine going back to the old bar soap I had been using for years!

Over at my blog, Joyously Domestic, I try to encourage my readers to find joy in their everyday life … whether it be through cooking, creating fun projects for the kids or throwing memorable parties. Something as simple as incorporating body-nourishing, natural products (such as NaKee’ Natural’s Moroccan Mud Glow bar) into my own everyday life definitely has given me another reason to be joyful!

Guest Bloggers

I am excited to introduce something new to this blog. I know a few writers. Very good writers,in fact, who all have different writing styles. I have always loved writing, and want to keep this blog happily active, but have come up short in keeping up with it. Go figure that making soap, packaging and filling orders, along with making music and family duties have me left with no time to write. All four of the women who have agreed to help me with this task have touched my life in wonderfully different ways through the years with virtues like friendship, camaraderie, support, humor, and their writing. I love reading their articles, facebook posts, and blog posts. I enjoy each one's gift of writing style. Each writer has either purchased or received as gifts, our products, and has used the products and have been willing to give an honest review of them. I hope you enjoy reading their 'reviews', and I sincerely hope you go to their blogs to see their work in more depth. I am extremely excited to see how this project unfolds. Thank you for coming by! Our first guest blog post will be up shortly. Peace, Candy

Monday, February 27, 2012


I love the creativity of custom favor projects. I have included a couple pictures of what I have done recently.

One is for my own Grandmother's 80th birthday party. These were used as 'ballon weights'. Fun idea! The second ones are being used at a fund raiser. I am working on several wedding shower favors right now, and will have pictures soon! I LOVE doing these! Fun themes coming up: Celtic and Notre Dame color weddings. I can't wait to see how these turn out when I am finished.

Have a beautiful day!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Into the New Year!

So, it appears that I update this blog about twice a year. If I were to make a New Year Resolution, it would be to blog much more frequently. I have to admit, with the creation of my Facebook business page, I have been MIA here since. It is incredibly easy to update my Facebook page with news, sales, and pictures. And, because I tend to worry about my 'writing', it seems to take a big chunk out of my day to blog.

This business has grown in leaps and bounds, especially the last 2 years. I have found myself unable to keep up with the 'extras', and because I can easily write a few sentences on Facebook to keep everyone informed, sadly, this blog has suffered.

I am a 'one woman show' in this Indie business. I concentrate on building relationships, making soap and skincare products, displaying my products, marketing, and the paperwork I am forced to do. The other things get put at the bottom of the priority list.

I think a good option might be to post 'something' here, rather than nothing. Not worrying so much about the 'writing', but offering something of value to readers.

I will work on this.

Have a wonderful New Year, and See You Soon! :)

The Artistic Alchemist