Monday, April 14, 2008

Who Knew? Art 634 Fairy Festival

What is a Fairy Festival? Well, I didn't really know until yesterday. I was invited to set up a display in the Gallery at Art 634. Oh, what a glorious place! I love the energy there. It is a place I dream of setting up shop some day. Timing is everything though. Maybe when all of the pieces fall together!

The 1st Annual Fairy Festival was a great success! There were hoards of families and little girls dressed up like fairies flittering around getting their faces painted, going on a scavenger hunt, making tooth fairy boxes, watching belly dancing, and having tea with the Jackson Rose Queen. There were even little boys there enjoying themselves!

At first when I was asked to come down there to set up a display, I declined. I didn't have enough time to formulate some fairy products. I didn't think my stuff would appeal to the "fairy"set without some special fairy bath and body goodies. I just wasn't thinking enough outside the box. Of course, the mommies and grandmommies were there, and were excited to see something for "them" too! It was a lot of fun, and something I want to definitely do again, if invited. I will be prepared next year with some fairy goodies for the younger ones. Maybe some sparkling fairy bath dust, maybe fairy wings soap, hmmmmm, the creative process begins!

I also brought a book with me that was sent to me by a family in Grand Rapids called Ashleigh's Fairies. Their young daughter fought a courageous battle against cancer. The website is . The book is lovely!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

NaKee' Natural at Art 634 Fairy Festival

1st Annual Fairy Festival
April 13
12 noon to 4 p.m.
@ Art 634
Celebrate the arrival of spring and the fairies at Art 634. Jonathan Wright, official fairyologist and author will be present to read excerpts from his book. There will be fairy activities for the entire family including the creation of fairy artwork, tea party, face painting, scavenger hunt, among many more activities.
Cost: Free
Fairy Events
Fairy Storytelling with Jonathan Wright
Fairy Scavenger Hunt
Fairy Secret Garden Tour
Fairy House Art Exhibit
Fairy Magical Woods Tour
Fairy Tea Party with Jackson Rosequeen
Fire Dancing Performances
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Spring Metal Fabrication Exhibit
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Fairy Doors & Surprises
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Friday, April 04, 2008

Spring Break??

Hello Friends~

For the past several weeks I have been working on my income taxes(oh, my). I had set most everything else on hold and dedicated my time to get this done. I had also decided to get QuickBooks set up for the business so that things go smoother next year...HA! I had set a deadline to get everything done, not only for the obvious April deadline, but also so that I could spend some time doing some things with my boys on spring break.

Well, we have spent the week taking turns getting sick with fevers, cough, stuffiness, sore throat--the whole nine yards...bummer. We did manage to do a half day of shopping for them, so not all was lost.

Now, time to think about what products I will be making next week. I have been invited to attend the Fairy Festival at Art 634 on Sunday, so I will be getting ready for that packaging up some handcrafted natural soap, scrubs, light oil body sprays, lip balms, etc. to take with me.

Until Next Time,
Candy at NaKee' Natural
Handcrafted Soap & Skincare