Monday, November 03, 2008

Thankful For

It is times like these when I ruminate about why I take my son to school every morning and pick him up every afternoon instead of letting him ride the school bus. And oh, how he wants to ride that big yellow taxi and be a big boy! It is tempting. I would have quite a bit more time in the mornings to get going with work, I wouldn't have to stop in the middle of work to go pick him up, and I would also save tons of money in gas.

So what's the big draw? Two words: Quality Conversation. I have had so many conversations with my boys about life while sitting in the driver's seat. Our 2000 Dodge Caravan's inside walls could tell stories about all of the memorable substantial chats that would otherwise not have taken place. We have chatted about issues including academics, friends/bullies, in-depth spirituality, sex(when appropriate), peer pressure, spelling words, and at times life questions that have left me jaw-dropped speechless. That's quite a lot of content for a 10-15 minute drive!

This morning in the symposium--ahem, I mean, van; Keegan(my 1st grader) and I discussed what we were thankful for. He is sure he will need to think about this for a school project at some point in the near future, so we needed to do some research into the subject, LOL! All the basics came up: food, shelter, jobs, health, etc.

I can't help but get a little blubbery when thinking about what I am thankful for. I have a good life. A seriously good life! My husband is my rock, Jonathan will be cancer-free for a year next month, Conner is an extraordinary young man turning 14 tomorrow, Keegan keeps me joyful and young, my mom is my biggest fan, and I have many friends who are supportive as well, and...I love my work. What else is there? Right here in this moment, it is all I need.

Life is crazy, scary, and wonderful. I am so thankful for those 10-15 minutes, twice a day to have had the privilege to explore all of this with my boys at one time or another.

Thanks for letting me share this you. Be on the look-out for the next post with pictures of the new holiday soaps!!

Until Next Time,