Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Spring!

Can you feel it in the air? Lilac Bouquet is a beautiful lilac scent. This is not a sickly sweet scent like you may have found in other lilac soaps. It is very true scent, and you will swear you are smelling a real bouquet of lilacs! Perfect for Easter, Mother's Day, or a pick-me-up gift for anyone! If you are not the 'floral-scent' type person, we have plenty of other scents you will enjoy...Margarita Lime is one that is sure to please. It is a grown-up citrus scent, and has become extremely popular! Great for wedding showers and other events! We have some new scents that are in the works too.

Look for our new Soap For Hope in Pomegranate for spring/summer! We also have the new all-natural scents of Rain, and Almond Citrus joining the line. We have made The Whip and Stick in these scents, and will be making oils, scrubs, and soaps in these as well depending on interest.