Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Hour in Your Shower

I just couldn't resist telling you about our newest soap creation....da da ta da.....Margarita Lime! I have been wanting to make this soap since last year, and had originally intended for this to debut last summer. I tested it, thought a lot about it, but it never came to fruition. In my head, I knew exactly what it would look like, and was hoping I could recreate my vision of the soap version of a lime margarita.
I think we have lift-off of a very hot item here. As long as the color doesn't cure into a murkish green, it will be absolutely perfect. The scent is sophisticated and ever so divine. This isn't your daughter's bubblegum fruity lime scent here. It is fresh and tangy, but not too sour. Tequila, lime...and don't forget the salted rim. We are talking south of the border Happy Hour in your Shower Baby!
This will be perfect for bridal showers and girlfriend nights! Hmmmm....I may even make a limited scrub and light oil body spray to go with it...wah ha ha haaaa. The mad scientist in me is getting crazy just thinking about it.
We have a while before summer is upon us again, but just making this soap yesterday put me in a summertime mood. If it made me feel this good just making the soap, imagine what it will be like bathing with it. Oooo La La.