Sunday, August 26, 2012

Guest Bloggers

I am excited to introduce something new to this blog. I know a few writers. Very good writers,in fact, who all have different writing styles. I have always loved writing, and want to keep this blog happily active, but have come up short in keeping up with it. Go figure that making soap, packaging and filling orders, along with making music and family duties have me left with no time to write. All four of the women who have agreed to help me with this task have touched my life in wonderfully different ways through the years with virtues like friendship, camaraderie, support, humor, and their writing. I love reading their articles, facebook posts, and blog posts. I enjoy each one's gift of writing style. Each writer has either purchased or received as gifts, our products, and has used the products and have been willing to give an honest review of them. I hope you enjoy reading their 'reviews', and I sincerely hope you go to their blogs to see their work in more depth. I am extremely excited to see how this project unfolds. Thank you for coming by! Our first guest blog post will be up shortly. Peace, Candy

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