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Our first Guest Blogger is Angela Steveson. Visit her at Joyously Domestic. Here is her blog bio: My name is Angela. I am a wife to Steve and mother of five (ranging from age five to twenty-two). I am blessed to be a stay-at-home mother and spend my days trying to thrive in all that comes along with that title! Some of my loves are flip-flops, iced tea, shopping, music, creating and being active in my kids' school and activities.

I started my blog mainly focusing on food. So, you'll find lots of recipes on here. But, I've been branching out into sharing some ideas for crafting projects, parties, print projects ... and thoughts and musings on my family life. The blog is a little in the early stages and I welcome any feedback or thoughts on how to make it better ... and I look forward to answering any questions you may have. I welcome feedback from my readers!

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My Experience with NaKee’ Natural’s Moroccan Mud Glow Bar

I challenge you to check out the list of ingredients on the packaging the next time you go to purchase a skincare product. It may be a lotion, a facial masque, a toner, a body spray, a bar of soap or body wash. Do you recognize all of the ingredients? Better yet, how many items on that ingredient list can you even pronounce?

I think it is a beautiful thing that I can read through the ingredients on a product crafted by NaKee' Natural and not only recognize them, but get excited at the prospect of applying them to my skin. Yes, it is said that beauty comes from the inside and that our bodies outwardly reflect that which we provide them internally. This logic makes sense as to why so many of us these days are turning to more a whole, organic and "real" food diet to feed our bodies. However, we, also, must consider what we apply to our skin as a factor in our overall health and well-being.

I know I want to feel not only comfortable, but, also, confident in the skincare products I am using on both myself and those which I am buying for my family.

Product Review

I began my experience with NaKee' Natural's products using their Moroccan Mud Glow bar. This is a product I was dying to try after simply being able to smell the scent of it through the shipping package prior to even opening it! To begin with and upon first glance, the bar in and of itself is charmingly rustic, yet eloquently beautiful in appearance. (It's definitely ideal for gift-giving!) This perfectly-sized, four-ounce bar is just one of over forty bar blends (including various size options) available on their website.

The first time I used the Moroccan Mud Glow bar was when taking a late-evening shower. I immediately noticed a difference in how it felt on my skin while "lathering" up. It produced a smooth, creamy lather and felt extra luxurious. It gave me a feeling of being pampered and I could immediately tell this was different (in a fabulous way) from my normal bar soap. The experience carried over into my nightly routine of curling up to read before I drift off to sleep as the scents of the bar remained present long after I had showered. Although the scent does "stay with you" long after use of the product, it is not overpowering ... just a lingering, gentle kiss of the patchouli, rosewood and lavender oils that are captured in the blend. The patchouli's earthy, spicy-sweet and sensual scent qualities won me over and were quite relaxing.

What impressed me the most, however, was the level of hydration I felt had been brought to my skin through using this product! Instead of stripping away the natural oils on my skin like other traditional bars of soap, my skin had a satisfying and surprising level of moisture to it without at all feeling greasy! By day two of using this product, I had already discovered that I needed to use less lotion post-shower because my skin didn't feel as dry as it did with my normal bar soap. It was as if my skin was whispering to me "thank you, this is what I have been craving!" I’ve been using the bar for a week now and, honestly, cannot imagine going back to the old bar soap I had been using for years!

Over at my blog, Joyously Domestic, I try to encourage my readers to find joy in their everyday life … whether it be through cooking, creating fun projects for the kids or throwing memorable parties. Something as simple as incorporating body-nourishing, natural products (such as NaKee’ Natural’s Moroccan Mud Glow bar) into my own everyday life definitely has given me another reason to be joyful!

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