Monday, December 03, 2012



The fund raiser orders are very close to being completed! These organizations started their sales in October, and I have been making the products and waiting for the soap to cure, and then packaging it up. I will start shipping orders this week, and then start deliveries and pickups starting next week.

These organizations have earned 40% of the sales. There are so many fundraisers going at any particular time in every organization. It does get frustrating, I know, the amount of fundraiser order forms that come home from school constantly. I think, though, that our fundraiser is a fresh change to the every year pies, cookie dough, and wrapping paper that is consistently offered. NaKee' Natural products are unique, practical and perfect for gift-giving.

If you are interested in a NaKee' Natural fundraiser, please send an email.

Have a wonderful week!

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