Monday, December 03, 2012

I have changed our Soap For Hope Program somewhat, and wanted to share with you what I am doing now. Previously I designated proceeds of sales of a certain soap, Pomegranate Gold, to childhood cancer organizations such as CureSearch. Pome
granate Gold will still be the soap symbolizing the honoring our son, and others who are going through cancer treatment. But I have decided to not base my donations on the sales of that particular soap. I want to donate whether I sell a certain amount of that soap or not. So, I have been donating to a few different organizations this year that I feel are helpful. I will still have CureSearch on my list, but this year so far NaKee' Natural has donated monetarily to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society; University of Michigan(specifically childhood cancer research and Child Life Patient services); donations of products to auction off for various smaller organizations, locally for their fundraising events ; and directly to a local family whose mother is receiving extensive treatment for breast cancer. I love donating to research to find a cure for childhood cancer, but I feel direct donations to families is crucial as well. When a family gets a cancer dx, even with the best medical insurance, there is a big financial need when treatment is long and there are extensive appointments and hospitalizations. Having 'been there', I understand this fully. Anyway, I just wanted to disclose how it is we are 'giving' through our Soap For Hope program.

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